Dale Eldon

Picture of me 8Leaving a trail of Reece’s Pieces in hopes of snaring an alien, I ended up with Dale Eldon.  No, I didn’t let him call home.  Since he put up a fuss when I mentioned live dissection, I put down my scalpel and asked him a few questions.

Why writing?  What drew you to it? Why do you continue?

It was in my blood at a very young age. Though it has taken me a lot of years to stick with it, I am glad that I have. The reason I continue is because I just can’t stop. It’s who I am.

If you were freezing to death and the only thing left to burn were the books in your library, what 5 books would you burn last?  (And yes, everything else burnable has been burnt.)

The Bible, anything by Stephen King and Jack Ketchum. (Those wouldn’t get burnt)

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve done (in life or in writing (your choice))?

Staying true to myself. This world is not my element, being me is quickly becoming outlawed, or not socially acceptable. But I’m stubborn.

What’s one word or phrase that drives you nuts?  Why?

Reces. It’s the mispronunciation of the candy Reese’s. The word sounds just like feces but with a R.

Do you have a favorite character you’ve created?  If so, who is it and why?

I have many that I love. There have been so many. I can’t think of just one. Though my favorites are always the characters that feel like they live in the real world, no matter how crazy they seem.

Creepiest place you’ve ever been?  Has it appeared in your fiction?  Why or Why  not?

I haven’t been anywhere that jumps out at me as creepy, but to me the mind is the creepiest place in the world. Not just my own, but the minds of others. Especially when they are in control of your life. Something about that level of submission to a mind that has its own agenda.

What’s the best rejection you’ve ever received?

I would have to say it’s a tie between Grey Matter Press and Eric J. Guignard’s antho calls through Dark Moon. Both were not just respectful, but inspiring.

How did you get that scar?

I do have a scar (like Harry Potter) of what looks like a little lighting bolt between my eyes. I use to sleep on the floor, and I had a wall of milk crates that I used for my book shelves, one night they crashed on me, and I got cut. The scar is almost gone after all of these years, but there is still a faint mark.

What song would precede your entrance into a room if we all had personal soundtracks?

The Sound of Madness by Shinedown

Promote yourself and/or your writing

Here is my short story, DARK DWELLINGS:

A new freak-show is in town, set up in an old abandoned factory, House of the Macabre which is all fun and games until one of the freaks begins to kill off the others.

His name is Gummy. He was born with a freakish face and pale skin. Mocked all of his life for looking like a clown, he got a job as one. But this clown isn’t your garden variety, he has a taste for human organs. Aaron Stanson, a newbie to the House of the Macabre gets his first dash with the evil clown when his girlfriend, and fellow freak comes up missing. Aaron who is probably the most normal of the bunch will face off against the worse the world has to offer.


“Not for children, a truly sinister work from the imagination of the author, Dark Dwellings is a horror story: A classic horror story in contemporary times.”

“It is claustrophobic, gory in places, revels in it’s own dark scares, and will chill the reader to the bone…
… and not much scares me.”
~Mark Taylor, author of, THE HUMAN CONDITION

“House of the Macabre is built in an old warehouse and provides a few scares for the price of admission. But this cheap establishment is the dwelling place for genuine horrors. Aaron Stanson will go from mocked-up zombie, to fleeing prey from the twisted diminutive clown known as Gummy.”

“Who or what is this silent figure with painted face and snaking tongue? A trip into the monster’s lair will reveal a grisly scene and an awful truth. Aaron must fight for his very survival in the midst of a charnel house, where one false move, will lead to a fate worse than death. There is nothing funny, about the clown known as Gummy.”
~Donald White, author of, VENGEANCE AND VALOR, and LADY KILLER

Final thoughts before you run screaming for your life?

Be true to yourself, even when it’s risky. If you can’t be you, there’s no point.

Thank you, Mr. Eldon, for your time and your words and your inspirational parting message.  Sometimes we all need a reminder.  Now if you can make it through the milk crate maze while crazed librarians perch atop the walls and throw books at you, you’ll be able to use the complimentary tickets to the freak show at the exit.  A clown will be waiting.  Now, scoot!  I hear the calliope!



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