Adam Millard

adammillardFor this Monday’s amusement, Adam Millard has been enticed by the illusion of a wooded cabin and a flesh bound book to enter the isolation tank.  Sit back and find out a little more about my captive…um…guest.

Why writing?  What drew you to it? Why do you continue?

I’ve always been a writer. It’s one of those things I have to do. On the days when I don’t write, I feel like I’ve cheated and end up moody. Everyone has something they enjoy, something that gives them immense pleasure, and for me it’s writing. The money that comes with it is a bonus. Selling a story is always fantastic news, but for me it’s about the creation. I’ll continue to write and put out work until the day I die, not because I want to be rich and famous – if I did, there would be a thousand other jobs to try before writing – but because I enjoy telling stories.

If you were freezing to death and the only thing left to burn were the books in your library, what 5 books would you burn last?  (And yes, everything else burnable has been burnt.)

Gah! If this actually happened, I would more likely pull out the pages and fashion some sort of rudimentary sheet so that the pages were still comprehensible. However, for the sake of answering the question, I would say The Stand and The Gunslinger by Stephen King, Collected Ghost Stories by M.R. James, The New Weird edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer and Last Days by Adam Nevill. Those five would probably be peeled from my frozen grasp when I was discovered.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve done (in life or in writing (your choice))?

I’d have to say when I completed my parachute regiment training. I was young and incredibly fit, and they certainly know how to push you to your limits. I look back now and just thinking about what I did to get through it makes me breathless.

What’s one word or phrase that drives you nuts?  Why?

It makes me physically sick when people use ‘on route’ instead of ‘en route’. I guess it’s because I just assume that people know the difference. I also hate computer-speak. If people were actually rolling on the floor laughing, they wouldn’t be able to type it.

Do you have a favorite character you’ve created?  If so, who is it and why?

It’s a toss-up between Shane from my Dead series and Alex Winterbone from Deathdealers. Both are really strong characters, though flawed in many ways. I like Winterbone because he doesn’t give a shit. The world is there to hate, and it gets him through the day. I think I associate with him in a lot of ways, which was why I gave him a drinking problem.

Creepiest place you’ve ever been?  Has it appeared in your fiction?  Why or Why  not?

I haven’t really been to that many creepy places. As a child, I was abandoned by my mother and left in the middle of the woods with a bunch of other kids. They called it a “school trip” but my juvenile mind believed it had been dropped in the middle of a horror movie. It really creeped me out. It was supposed to be fun, but I hated it. I think that was the start of my antisocial tendencies. Also, I hate hospitals. I’ve got a nice retreat booked for next month. Just me in a cabin in the woods. Maybe I’ll write something about that. Or maybe I’ll find an old flesh-bound book and a tape-recorder and  nobody will ever hear from or see me again.

What’s the best rejection you’ve ever received?

I appreciate all rejections that elaborate on why a story was unsuccessful, but the best was from earlier this year. The editor – who I admire immensely – went into the health and safety aspects behind my story. At the time I thought: it’s fiction. Anything’s possible. But then I got to thinking and he was completely right. No rejection is a good rejection, but if an editor can provide just a little explanation as to why they passed, it makes all the difference.

How did you get that scar?


What song would precede your entrance into a room if we all had personal soundtracks?

Bodies by Drowning Pool or Down With The Sickness by Disturbed. That’s what I imagine it would be, but those who know me would probably say The Benny Hill Show theme tune.

Promote yourself and/or your writing

If you want to buy and read something by me, please do. I have a hungry child to feed and my wife keeps looking at Jacuzzis. My books are available from Amazon, Barnes And Noble, Waterstones, WHSmith, in paperback and for Kindle, Kobo and Nook. If you enjoy something, please leave a review. Reviews make me happy.

Final thoughts before you run screaming for your life?

Thanks for having me, Rebecca. It’s been very pleasant, and I look forward to chatting to you again in the future.

Thank YOU, Mr. Millard.  If you’ll be so kind as to stop glaring at Larry the Crocodile, you can find the exit down the hall and around the corner.  You’ll have to make your way up the oiled slide so Larry won’t follow you home.  And, no, why would I keep him chained?  Yes, he does say “ROFL” when he walks. 

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