Isolation Tank

As writers, we tend to work alone, sequestered from the rapacious world.  Sometimes, we’re just locked away in our own minds.  Others, we’re hidden away in a special spot that no one else is allowed to enter…at least when the knife is stuck in the door or the towel is knotted on the knob.

I’m lassoing writers and artists of all sorts, separating them from the herd, and tossing them in the tank to scrape their brains…er…have them answer a few questions to see what makes them tick.  Don’t worry, I usually return them to the wild when I’m through with the carcasses….

* regional spelling differences will remain unedited.

Kevin Lucia

Weston Ochse

Yvonne Navarro

Kelli Owen

Tim Meyer

Russell R. James

John Urbancik

Stephen Kozeniewski

Michael Cummings

Jonathan Janz

Kiona Smith-Strickland

Gene Stewart

Maggie Fiske

Leigh M. Lane

Aiden Truss

Chantal Noordeloos

Aspen deLainey

Greg McCabe

G.L. Helm

Lane Kareska

D.K. Snape

Travis I. Sivart

Killion Slade

Anna Taborska

Mia Darien

Dale Eldon

Laurel Anne Hill

Rhiannon Mills

Michael Evans

Nelson W. Pyles

Brent Abell

Jason Thacker

David Dunwoody

Bennie L. Newsome

Armand Rosamilia

Adam Millard

Craig Saunders

Michael S. Gardner

Tonia Brown

Emma Ennis

Adrian Chamberlin

Stephen North

Robert Essig

Julianne Snow

Aaron Gudmunson

A.A. Garrison

Kathy Altman

William Todd Rose

Chantal Boudreau

Suzanne Robb

D.A. Chaney

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