A little amusement.

Yesterday, I drove 2 hours to see a musical. Not just any musical though. I went to see Evil Dead the Musical. Evil Dead? A Musical? Yes. That’s exactly what I wrote. A show full or blood, gore, bad puns, hilarious songs (my favorite? “What the f*ck was that?” the link takes you to a snippet of it) If you like absolute ridiculous spoofy humor, you’ll love this. If you want to see something serious, don’t go. But I enjoyed it. So there.

Another little bit of information I want to share is that it’s the last two days to pick up Killing It Softly to read on your Kindle for 99 cents on Amazon. If you want a paper copy, you can order that as well. My story “Torn Asunder” appears just after the foreword. It’s an all female horror anthology and full of spooky stuff.


Mission Accomplished

I didn’t hyperventilate, I didn’t pass out. The event was a success for all those involved. No one exploded. There was a young boy running around with light up shoes. He was sunning full tilt towards random patrons, stopping short, waving his arms and running off to look for his next victim. I’m not out in public that often, so I may have found this a little strange. I was fourth in the first batch and my biggest concern outside of hyperventilating and passing out was that the breeze from the open door behind me would show the audience more of me that I intended. I had one hand plastered on the front of my skirt except when I turned pages. I can’t help but wonder if the two young boys standing in front of the stage were making bets to see when it would flip up. They both lost.

Friday Night at 6 PM

I should have posted something about this earlier, but…well…maybe I’ve been a bit sideways lately. I did post a link on the events page, so I’m not a total slacker. Here’s the short of it, I’m reading part of a story I wrote on Friday in front of people, so if you want to see me stumble over my own tongue and perhaps pass out, come on out and watch. Keep reading for more details. I’m not the only one reading, and there’ll be music. Oh yeah, it’s at the Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.


Precognitive Universe of Emergent Desire Pre-release + Concert!