It’s been a while

I woke up this morning and checked my email. A few months ago, I’d submitted one of my previously published stories for a reprint anthology, and I’d forgotten about it. Waiting in my inbox, I found a nice little message waiting for me. “Thank you for sending us (your story). We think it is a great fit and would like to publish it.” Makes me want to write more.

At the moment though, a health glitch is being tweaked, so I’m writing little things like this post to keep my fingers from forgetting where the letters are on the keyboard. I’m also working on a collection of my own stuff. It’s in the re-editing phase. Always fun asking myself what I was thinking when I wrote a sentence that makes no sense. It happens more often than one might think. The cover is almost finished except it might need a font change and a blurb or two.

Last month, I went to the Scares that Care charity event. Met a lot of horror celebrities and writers and reconnected with some others. A few of the interviewees from the Isolation Tank were there and a lot of fun to see in person. With the connections I made, I’ve reopened the tank and will be posting more interviews on a somewhat weekly basis if all goes well.

Ok, that’s enough of an update for the moment. I’m slithering back into my editing cave.

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