Part of a project

I’m happy to say I’ve had another story published. It’s part of a bigger project involving music and fiction. Keep reading below the link for the project’s press release.

Another Limited Rebellion is proud to present a new collection of short science fiction stories inspired by the classic League of Space Pirates series created by Übercorp Publishing in the early 1960s.

Übercorp, which was founded in Richmond, Virginia in the late 1800s, is known primarily for its focus on commercial spaceflight these days, but there was a brief period in its history when it got into the publishing business. In 1963, following its huge success as a pharmaceutical company in the first-half of the 20th century, Übercorp purchased a failing pulp novel publisher and spent nearly a decade putting out its own titles – many of which were focused on the exploits of a band of rakish rogues known as the “League of Space Pirates.”

Since the originals are long out of print and extremely hard to find, Another Limited Rebellion has commissioned fourteen writers with a connection to Richmond to create their own take on the League of Space Pirates universe. Each author researched the characters and story elements from the original stories and also found inspiration in the music of the Richmond-based League of Space Pirates band.

The stories are being published weekly starting today at

Following the complete release online the stories will be collected and published by ALR in both digital and physical formats.

Below are the release dates and the names of the contributing authors:

June 7 – Noah Scalin
June 14 – Rebecca Snow
June 21 – Jennifer Willis
June 28 – Andrew Blossom
July 5 – Bird Cox
July 12 – Justin Poroszok
July 19 – Dean Knight
July 26 – Phil Ford
August 2 – Josh Hockensmith
August 9 – Beth Brown
August 16 – Alane Miles
August 23 – Julie Geen
August 30 – Meriah Crawford
September 6 – Charlie Bonet

For more information contact:
Noah Scalin

Precognitive Universe of Emergent Desire
Stories from the League of Space Pirates universe.

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