Still February

Between tornado watches and blizzards, it’s been an interesting month. I did post an entry after what seemed like years (oh yeah, it was) of not having much to say. I had a story published, and I’ve been hunting more authors to interview.

Stephen Kozeniewski was kind enough to interview me this month. When returned the answered questions to him, he suggested that I make an Amazon Author Page. Having been out of the loop for a while, I went searching. Low and behold, Amazon seems to have made it easier to link yourself to your books and stories. Finding that it was easier than I remember (I checked eons ago), I attached myself to as many of my stories as I could unearth. Many of them are a few years old and the anthologies are out of print. Besides being able to link more of my stories to myself, I came across a review I hadn’t seen that made me smile.

Fluffyredfox wrote of my story in First Time Dead, “‘He’s Not Heavy’ by Rebecca Snow: WOW this was my favourite story. Well thought out with a twist I did not see coming. I really enjoyed the build-up and the characters were spot on with great back stories, really all crammed into a small story. Bravo – an author I intend to look up.” In all honesty, it’s one of my favorites too. The interpretations of it are varied depending on the reader’s world view, and I never would have expected some of them.

Another of Fluffyredfox’s reviews was good, but I can’t help wondering what happened to my name? “‘Candy Apple Red’ by : who needs monsters when the real thing walks amongst us, loved this gruesome tale of the making of a carnival fun house.” Things like this amuse me because life likes to make me laugh. I am glad Fluffyredfox liked the story though even if you just have to guess if it was mine.

All in all, the reviews are still decent, and I am still in the batting cages swinging. And so far, I still have most of my teeth. If you’re interested, here’s my Amazon Author Page.


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