Kind Words

ImageEarlier this month, one of my stories was published in the anthology Still Hungry for Your Love.  “Ashes, Ashes” was chosen from over 200 entries to be published in the book.  I can’t say I wasn’t pleased.  It’s one of my quieter tales…or mostly quiet.  There’s still death, there’s still decay, but an onslaught of zombie hoards there isn’t.  It is implied but not experienced.  I wrote the story a few years ago for a submission call to another anthology.  After it had been accepted, the whole anthology was canceled for economic reasons.  The story was shelved and shopped a few times before it found its new home among the 15 stories that make up the anthology. 

A few days ago, I received and email from Kiona Smith-Strickland, one of the other authors whose story made the cut. “Your story “Ashes, Ashes” was an absolutely fantastic read!  It made me laugh in some places and sniffle a bit in others, and I’ve never in my life actually wanted to give a zombie a hug until I read your story.” I figure if I can make someone want to hug a zombie, I should be able to accomplish almost anything, right? 

Many thanks to Ms. Strickland-Smith for the kind words. Sadly, I’m a rather slow reader and haven’t gotten to read through the book yet. All I can say is I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s stories.


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