They Called my Story “Unpleasant”

Yes, you read that right.  They called my story “Unpleasant.”  However, it’s a good thing.  I promise.  At least, I think it is.  I found from a Facebook post that an anthology I’m part of was reviewed.  There’s always a little trepidation when I follow links to such things because I imagine clicking on a link and finding, “All of the stories in the anthology were amazingly written and wonderful EXCEPT Rebecca Snow’s.  WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?!?!”  Well, to answer that question, I know who I am, but chances are, they’d never find out.  But that’s another can of worms.  Anyway,  here’s what I found upon following the link: “We can move on to appreciate other surprises, such as the unpleasant ‘Natural Flavouring’ by Rebecca Snow, that will undoubtedly make you think twice about eating at a carnival again.”  And while hearing something is unpleasant isn’t usually a good thing, I’d have to say this time, it works in my favor.  Here’s the link to the review.  Depending on when you click on it, you may have to scroll down a little bit to find the review for Noir Carnival.


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