Laughing Until I Cry

I have a podcast deadline.  Tomorrow.  After many glitches and half pint disasters, it’s done.  Finished.  Not necessarily kaput because it still has to be posted and voted on, etc. etc.  Why did I do this recording?  Because I did it last year, and I like to challenge myself on occasion.  I’m still laughing from the experience.  I’m not fond of my voice.  I have been known to sing, but it’s more for the joy of singing and not for the amazing tunes I can carry in a rusted bucket.  This year, I added sound effects and music to the recording.  A few of them arrive in ways that the story is misplaced and the laughter takes its place.  However, that’s probably not the best idea since it’s supposed to be horror…not humor.  And yes, horror can be funny at times…but I was not laughing at the story.  I was laughing at the effects themselves.  And I am quite aware that this post is not making the story sound funny at all, but when September rolls around, you’ll get a chance to listen to the effects for yourself.  If you don’t laugh, you can forget you read this.  Screaming and falling have never been so funny.


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