The three Rs

No, this post will not contain pirates….at least, not many.  As far as this post is concerned, unless pirates have been tossing my work aside, I will harbor them no ill will…unless they stole my cupcakes.

For the first R of the day, it’s RAINING.  I love rain.  When I’m muddled, I like to walk in it and feel my feet squishing through the grass.  Yesterday, I accidentally frightened a bunny out of a patch of grass I’d purposely left unmowed for the bees.  I suspect I’ll leave it unmowed for the bunny to hide for the rest of the summer.  With the rain we’ve had this year, I expect the blades to tower above the house by October…maybe I can build a fort in there with the bunny.  As I was saying, I like to walk in the rain, the harder the downpour the better.  The cats think I’m crazy.  Have you ever seen a cat walk in the rain?  They don’t look happy.  When I come in from playing, they avoid me as if I were wearing a dog suit.

The second R is for REJECTION, something I’ve been plagued with lately.  I’ve had many more stories sent back as orphans.  It’s ok, they’ll find homes one day.  Some of the rejections come with kind notes.  Others are short, simple missives that say no more than, “Not for us.”  I received one last night that made me lift an eyebrow.  I’m not going to pretend I’m perfect, I prove to myself that I’m not at least 20 times a day.  But when I receive a rejection with 4 lines and as many or more typos, I have to cock an eyebrow and be a little glad I didn’t make the cut.  Granted, I still feel a bit let down.

The third R of the day…I struggled to come up with one.  I though of the refrigerator (which needs cleaning), rewrite (which I’m not in the mood to do), run (which my knees rejected).  But the one constant of my day that I seem to be forgetting…me…Rebecca.  I’m the 3rd R today because I can’t have my day without me and because Writing begins with a W.


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