Zombie Killing Action

Thanks to D.A. Chaney, I’ve been spending a lot of time hooked up to an XBox playing Dead Island and its newly minted sequel.  Before the new one was released, she talked me into trying the original in a co-op game.  I’ve never been one for first person shooter games, and I try to stay away from games that suck me in to an unhealthy degree after having a bad experience with Tetris.  But there was something appealing about the thought of killing zombies.  Since the extent of my gaming background on Xbox consists of LEGO games and having zombie infested nightmares after watching other people play Dead Rising (over and over), I thought it would make it less of an ordeal if someone had my back instead of trudging through zombie hordes alone since I wasn’t sure which button to push do anything but kick.  And then I forgot to kick, so my weapons got dull.  I’m not sure I need to say that I died a lot, but I did.  Ms. Chaney was an apt teacher, and I did learn how to play and that I enjoy stomping zombie heads.  I also figured out that it’s better for me not to play the game after dark or while alone in the house.  The nightmares are a whole lot more graphic now that I’m the one with my hands on the controller.  And even though there’s a whole lot of laughter when one of us makes a comment like, “Nope, wait.  I’m too busy killin'” or “Would you care to stomp the head or shall I?”  But even if I play the first one again, if I can avoid it, I will never go near Canale Street again.  Now where’s my level 70 Deathstalker Katana?


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