I’ve been given a prompt.  It deals with what I’d do if bitten by a zombie.  So far, I know that the only way it would happen is if I wasn’t paying attention (or overwhelmed by a horde…but since you can smell those suckers coming, unless I was in no shape to escape, that would be reaching).  More than likely, I’d be alone after having been bitten, so I’d have to turn alone or try to figure out how to make sure I don’t injure others.  Now, throwing myself off a cliff doesn’t insure head trauma (which is the only way to stay dead).  Face-planting off of a cliff might, but there aren’t any cliffs close enough to where it’s happened.  (I can’t give you all the details, or you won’t read the actual story.)  I could jump out of a tree, but there’s no guarantee of head trauma there either.  Smashing my head over and over into said tree would give me head trauma, but I could just end up a damaged zombie.  Maybe I’d chase butterflies instead of people.  Or chew rocks.  Or think I was a vampire.  Who knows?  So here’s my question…if you had been bitten by a zombie and didn’t have time to make it back to civilization, would you allow yourself to turn and infect others or would you find a way to keep it to yourself? I’ve got my story.  What about you?


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