At a loss…

For words?  Yes.  I have a tendency, when speaking, to forget pivotal words.  Somehow, between my brain and my mouth, they lose their way and end up in my spleen, or perhaps they detour to my elbow (I hear the view is amazing this time of year.)  But when I write, the whole “which word to use” thing seems easier to me.  Sometimes, I’ll struggle, but not for the words.  I wrestle with the ideas behind what the jumbled letters say.  Will they get that he’s just a guy?  Or will they read too much into it and think he’s supposed to represent the coming dolphin uprising?  Will they think the story is about some convoluted sociopolitical issue, or will they realize it’s just saying to be careful who you believe?  Most of the time, my stories are just what happens when a bunch of characters get put into (or get themselves into) a situation.  Any issues that show up are due to the fact that the little people don’t always like each other or agree or do the perfect thing to make the world smile.  They clash, they yell, they scream, they kick, they bite…just like life.  But these characters have something on me, they never forget to say what they need to say.


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