Blah Blah Blah

I am in the process…almost as I write this…of making a recording for a podcast.  Why am I here instead of blathering into a makeshift headset in front of a piece of foam?  Well, I’m actually still there…just not blathering.  How people speak for a living, I will never know.  It’s been fun today trying to dodge sirens and phone calls and cat howls.  I’ve been joking about recording the piece and saying someone else did or getting a text to voice robot to do it for me.  But alas, I am sitting in the basement (the quietest room in the house….until the inevitable cat fights start above me (real cats, don’t get too excited)), drinking lemon water to keep my throat from cracking open, and trying not to swing my legs in the computer chair because it makes too much noise.   Trying to get a fidgeter to speak without fidgeting is quite the impossibility.  Funny though, I don’t fidget when I write.  Maybe all those keystrokes are movement enough.  I guess I’ve taken enough of a break.  Back to gargling with gravel….except the hot water heater just kicked on, so I have a bit longer to wait until it shuts up…er…off.


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