There are times…

Yes, I do smile. Yes, I do laugh. Most of the time, even. But there are days (not necessarily this one) when I’d like to take to the hills and scream until my eyes bleed. But since that’s not often an option, I drag out the old Victrola and turn it to 11. Ok, while I do have a Victrola, that’s not what I tend to use when the world decides it’s time to poke at all my bruises and dig in all my scabs. Since I don’t think the bands I tend to listen to in this specific mood ever released their songs on 78s, I turn to my trusty MP3s.

Scream 1 notices an expendability
Scream 2 tints the world (forgive the album cover video…live one stank)
Scream 3 blinks
Scream 4 realizes a certain truth
Scream 5 grows a spine (forgive the album cover video…all I could find)
Scream 6 smiles in spite of everything


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