Standers by Dale Brumfield

What would you do if you walked into a cemetery and all the corpses were standing on their graves?  In Dale Brumfield’s book Standers, that’s exactly what happens.  The story follows Jake Lotts and his trials in a collapsing world brought on by the newly risen dead.  But all they do is stand.  And wiggle their eyes.  If you think about it, that scenario doesn’t sound all that scary.  What makes this book horrifying is the living and their reactions to the new state of “dead.”

Jake Lotts is somewhat of an everyman.  Unsatisfying job, failed marriage, hand to mouth existence.  He’s got his faults, but he’s likeable.  His fallible character got me interested and kept me reading just to see what would happen to him next and how he’d react.  As I kept reading, things got worse for him and for society.  But it was never so bad as to be an eye-rollable ridiculous farce.  Page after page, the end of the book got closer and closer, and I got more and more curious as to how the loose ends would be tied.  Let me just say, there were surprises….and I don’t surprise easily.

If you like apocalyptic fiction, it’s worth a read.  If you like conspiracy theories, it’s right up your alley.  If you just like books, it’s for you as well.  And you’ll never hear someone say “How You?” the same again.  Cringe cringe cringe.


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