Cryptic by D.A. Chaney

I’ve got a few book reviews I’ve been promising for ages, so I figured I’d better post them before  people think I grow moss on my fingers.

D.A. Chaney’s zombie novella Cryptic is a step away from the typical apocalyptic tale as most of it takes place two centuries in the past.  Ed (or Edwina) robs graves to make ends meet.  But as with much of the criminal element, she runs into some hard luck and ends up losing track of her partner.  The story follows her attempts to find him.  But this isn’t just Ed’s story, it’s the story of an ancient civilization that’s been battling the zombies long before Ed finds them.

While all of D.A.’s characters weren’t likeable (just like life), I liked Ed.  She had spunk and had no intention of just being “the little woman.”  The situations presented in the story never let me get bored.  There was always something cringe-worthy waiting on the next page…or even the next paragraph.  Chaney’s addition of the underground civilization intrigued me enough to wish there had been more of it in the story.  Where the work fell short for me was in the editing.

Overall, the book was interesting enough to finish reading and enjoy, but I’d love to see a cleaned up (perhaps expanded) second edition.


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