Food, Friends, and Fun

Tuesday evening, after a lightning trip north, I flew into Richmond.  Fellow Richmond Macabre author, Dale Brumfield (author of Standers, an intriguing novel I’ll be reviewing here soon) was kind enough to chauffeur me to the roundtable discussion of Richmond Macabre after a pitstop to pick up eyedrops for my poor, sleep-deprived peepers.  We arrived at the restaurant to a table filled with book lovers.  As the waiter brought bread and drinks and took orders, the four authors (Phil Ford, Meriah Crawford, Dale, and myself) were questioned about our origins and our stories.  As it turned out, none of us were born in Richmond.  We each had different reasons for writing our tales in the anthology as all four stories were very different.  Our food arrived and the talk shifted into other topics ranging from the eBook formatting problems to the role of agents in a writer’s life to the future of publishing.  We wound our way through to concealed handgun permits and of course to vampires and zombies.  The food was wonderful, the conversation was engaging, and the company was fabulous.  And just to warn you….beware of tollbooths.


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