A Bit of Familiarity

While perusing a book of writing prompts in hopes of smacking a story out of my head, I was drawn to a certain page.  The opposing suggestion was to write about the mortification of another.  This sparked the beginnings of a story, but at this moment, it needs to fester.  But while I was staring at the words and smirking at their timeliness, something familiar caught my eye.  It wasn’t an object in the room where I write.  It wasn’t out the window in the yard.  It was on the original page where I had arrived.  A black and white photo of street signs waited for me to notice.  The numbers rang a tiny bell.  I looked closer.  And I laughed.  The street signs below the numbers have seen me pass many many times on my way to a favorite grocer.  I flipped the page to see what was on the back of it, and what do I find?  It suggests changing a “no” to a “yes” in a story to see what happens.  Well?  I’ve got my prompts….I’m off to scribble.


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