Zombies are your friends…

While wandering the interwebs, I found a review of Dark Moon Presents : Zombies.  My story “Step Right Up” is contained within the pages.  I had a lot of fun writing it because there are aspects of the human race that scare me more than any brain hungry shambler ever could.

“Rebecca Snow’s “Step Right Up” features two monsters – the flesh-eating zombies and the greedy salesman who uses high pressure tactics to get people to buy his “zombie repellent.” As I read through the story, the salesman chilled me to the bones more than the zombies did. By far.” – Barbara Custer

It’s a wonderful feeling when people pick up on what you were trying to say.  And many times, “real” people are scarier than the monsters.

For the full review, click here.

And in other news, two of my stories were accepted for publication.  One deals with the true nature of tears.  The other tells the story of a misguided creation.  More details to follow.


One thought on “Zombies are your friends…

  1. YAY on the awesome review, Rebecca!! And BIG congrats on selling two more stories! That’s fabulous. And I love this phrase, “brain hungry shambler.” 🙂

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