“Decay to Silence”

Everyone that listens to music has a favorite song or several (hundred).  I have lots of them depending on my mood or circumstance.  But one thing that draws me to a song is the mandolin.  There’s something about the timbre that resonates with my gray matter.  It’s got a certain twang that lacks in other stringed instruments (except for the banjo…in fact, the banjo trumps the mandolin for twang).  Now, the harpsichord is stringed and twangy and another favorite, but that’s not the direction I’m taking this post.

Every musical instrument has a personality…at least to me.  The piano seems stately with an underlying layer of mirth.  The tuba makes me think of a jolly troll…do they make those?  The harmonica makes me think it’s a little bit angry.  Those visions are just how the certain sounds ring in my mind.  And to me, the mandolin is an empathetic friend who can cheer you up or sympathize given your state of mind.  It can be goofy or serious or pleading.  It can make an interesting pair with an accordion that never fails to bring up a craving for pasta even if the song has nothing to do with food.  The strings can help tell a story.  And sometimes, they seem to sing for themselves.  But whatever it says and whyever it is, I am a fan of the mandolin.

And if you were wondering about the entry title, it’s how Wikipedia describes the notes of any plucked instruments.


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