Wicked Women Writers Challenge 2012

I opened my email yesterday and found my assignment for this year’s challenge.  I missed signing up last year by two days, so I made sure to at least voice my acceptance early.  It took me a bit longer than expected to get a useable headshot.  When you’re always behind the camera, no one expects you actually want your picture taken, much less NEED one taken.  Thanks to a slight vacation, some great friends, and a wayward thought, I now have a fun little headshot that may or may not look anything like me.

But back to that email…I opened it and was pleasantly surprised.  Having primed myself for getting to write about the horrors of National Chitlin Day, I squeaked when I read Christmas…it was just like…CHRISTMAS!  So, as I finish up a few deadlines, I’ll be pondering all sorts of things to do with a tunnel and a Matzo ball and Christmas.  Maybe I’ll even break out the CDs and twinkle lights…that’ll make the neighbors wonder…

Here’s a link to all the story assignments if you’re interested.


2 thoughts on “Wicked Women Writers Challenge 2012

  1. I was actually hoping for Christmas – but I’m sure I can work with Thanksgiving. At least I didn’t get one of the holidays we don’t celebrate here. That would have required some research…

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