“When words leave off…”

I’m going to start something here.  No, I’m not going to punch anyone in the throat and dare him to meet me in the alley.  I’m going to do an entry every so often on a song or two.  Why?  I love music.  There are no two ways about it.  I love how it makes me feel…or intensifies the feelings I already have.  I love how it has the words to say things I’d never have the courage to voice.  I love how it can focus an emotion to a point where it makes more sense and can be dealt with in a single minded fashion.  I love harmonies and guitar riffs and bass lines and drum beats and keyboard runs.  I just love music.  I have my favorites, but I could never pick one genre or band to listen to on that hypothetical deserted island.  I’d rather the silence of the island than a single song to focus me.

If I hadn’t directed myself toward writing and photography at an early age, I would have focused my attention toward being some sort of musician.  Piano, voice, drums, whatever…had I not enjoyed  the feel of textures without the benefit of callouses, I would have played guitar.  Music and I are great friends.  We go back to my time in the oven as my mother is an amazing piano player.  I got to listen for 9+ months (I had no intention of crashing the real world) to a myriad of melodies, classical, popular, easy listening, all tickled on the ivories.  I’m guessing, if my memory went back that far, it was like living in the comfiest elevator in the world.

But I’m off topic…kind of.  I’m starting a series of entries [perhaps twice monthly (I would say bi-monthly, but I’m never sure if it means twice a month or every two months)] about the songs that touch on something with me.

Why not write about writing?  Because the music opens parts of me I couldn’t reach.  At times, it makes the writing flow and not sound like pie pans being dragged over gravel. I’m not one who must listen to music while I write.  Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t.  But to get to the places where I can write, the music helps me get there.

Everyone has people they miss, pets even.   And I don’t mean because their aim is off or the sites need calibrated.  Be it for reasons of death or distance, illness or illusion, people fade from our lives.  We save spaces in or hearts for the ones who nurture and touch us and take the time to hold onto us. Cemeteries contain the physical remnants of many, while others are still a phone call or an email away.  Those calls and emails and Skype conversations help, but they don’t make up for grasping someone’s immediate reality and squeezing.  But no matter how much you’d love to see them, life makes it difficult at times.  So, we miss them.

When I find myself sighing at the thought of lost grandparents, passed on pets, and friends who live entirely too far from my own world, a few songs remind me to smile because nothing is permanent (thanks for the reminder), and with some very special people, separation can be an illusion (even if it makes the lack of a proper hug no less taxing).  I’ve spent an hour or so washing dishes or mowing the lawn or sorting through books with this one on loop.  It’s easy to sing along with and isn’t situational to specifics.  What makes it so special to me is that before it was ever written, I had done so many similar things wishing to share the moment with whomever I was missing at the time.  The next one showed up on a random Facebook link a few weeks ago (thanks for sharing, Chantal).  Again, I’ve had it on loops to learn the words and let it seep in.  I rarely click on music  links on Facebook, but as I have been having issues with owls, I HAD to click this one.  And I found a song that fit that specific moment.  Please forgive the ad on the second link.  I really enjoyed the video and couldn’t find a live version better.  As for all the people I miss, I’m pretty sure they know it as I am quite open about telling them.  And if you think I might miss you, but you aren’t sure.  I’d be willing to bet that I do.  So there you have it.  A first musical post and a teeny tiny sample of my favorite songs.

The title of the post is a partial quote.  The whole quotation being “When words leave off, music begins.”  – Heinrich Heine.  I believe that to a degree, but in reverse as well.  “When the music stops, the words begin again.”  And as a writer, that really is a necessity.


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