A morning smirk

There’s a little thing called sleep I haven’t been getting enough of as of late.  I could blame the change in weather, but I won’t.  It’s literally all in my head.  And sometimes my wrist and knee.  But it’s the head, mostly.  During long nights of lying in bed, one tends to question things.  “Should I get a new stove before I get the kitchen done or after?”  “Will the cats be ok while I’m gone?”  “Where did I pack my summer clothes this year?”  “Why does the cat insist on walking over my face, sitting on my chest, and flicking my nose with her tail?” “Why do I exist? ”  (I know the last answer, but I tend to ask all the same.)  One would think that final question is the biggest, but no…I have a few larger ones….at least in my mind.  And one of them happens to be, “Why do I keep writing?”  I don’t mean why do I write…I HAVE to write, but why do I keep attempting to share?  Why put myself out there for scrutiny and judgement?  And to be honest, I don’t have that answer.  I know there are a lot of possible responses, but often, none that I can think of ring true for me.  That being said, when the sky tinges pink and the cats demand their breakfast, I lose the questions to the routine of the day, the way dreams fade into morning…unless they disturb you to the soles of your feet (or you happen to write them down).  This morning was no different.  Alarm, lie there until I can’t ignore the cats any longer, creak out of bed, shuffle to the fridge, get knocked over by a giant gray blur….all like clockwork.  And then, it’s off to peck on the keys for a while.  And this is where the morning diverges into a smile and a little bit of an answer in the form of a review.  “SKIN AND BONES by Rebecca Snow takes place in the psyche ward of a hospital; a young woman is receiving medical assistance for an eating disorder when the hospital goes into lock down as an outbreak occurs. I loved the twist.”  – Ursula K Raphael, contributing writer at Zombiephiles.com & author of The Survivor.  I keep writing because I love surprising people.  And to have someone say they loved a twist I presented is tantamount to a much needed hug.  On that note, Ursula K. Raphael, thanks for the hug.  To read the rest of the review, click here.


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