Even if I started now…

I would never be able to read all the books I have.  Granted, a good portion of them (nowhere near half, but still enough to mention) are for reference purposes, like the volumes on cat care or car repair or flower identification, the shelves of craft ideas and first aid, the wall of cookbooks, or the few shelves of writing books that stand next to me as I scribble out these thoughts.  But others are for the day when I decide to sit by the window and listen to the rain as it assaults the metal roof and read…just read, chew every word, and savor the taste.  I haven’t taken one of those days in a while, but I can feel one sneaking up on me.  But what book to choose?  Should I grab one from my zombie shelf….yes, a whole shelf of unread zombie books (GASP!!!  How could I not drop everything and read them as soon as they were purchased?  Well, because Border’s went out of business, and I ended up with a deluge of 90% off zombie books, and I know where the best book fairs are). I could go for my grandmother’s shelves of 1940s fiction, but I’d have to wear a mask for the dust…don’t want to block the smell of the rain though.   But if I’m not in the mood to digest a whole novel, I can pick up one of a few dozen anthologies.  Ah, but then there’s a shelf of memoirs and another of random pop fiction.  I’m pretty sure I’d have at least 1 book for anyone as long as he could read English and didn’t have tastes so specific he only read about rocks…oh wait, I do have a book or two on rocks.  One day, I’ll catalog them all…just watch me.  But for now, I’m just waiting for real rain…not the metaphorical kind that stings.

But wait!  I almost forgot the myriad of free downloaded books on the netbook’s Kindle app!


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