Procrastinate much?

Maybe I’ll write this post tomorrow…

All week, I’ve been finding other things to do instead of write.  I have the ending to a story in my head waiting to ooze into print, but I’m having a few doubts.  Thus, I’ve been coming up with all sorts of things that MUST BE DONE NOW!!!!  Laundry…I haven’t seen the bottom of the hamper in nearly a year.  Now, even the hamper is clean.  I have a clothes rack that’s been wobbling for as long as I can remember (I think I bought it broken), it’s as sturdy as a Clydesdale.  I even fixed up a double rack for it.  The floorboards in my car don’t have avalanches when I take quick turns anymore.  The windshield wipers are new, so I can see the road in the rain.  I even went out socializing last weekend.  If that’s not one of the signs of the apocalypse, I don’t know what is.

But there is a downside to all the things I’ve accomplished.  My deadline is looming and the story’s only halfway done.  The grass isn’t mowed either.  And I still have to do the dishes.  Oh look, I really should brush the cats.


4 thoughts on “Procrastinate much?

  1. The cure for laundry at the bottom of hampers is to not use one! I throw all my clothes in the closet and then when I can’t find my shoes, I know it’s time to wash! And if shoes aren’t that important I just close the doors! Simple solution. Although it can get maddening when you need the little things, like socks and bras!

  2. LOL, Rebecca, I feel your pain! Okay, wait, I really do need to be calling you Rebecca, don’t I?! I am a top-notch procrastinator! The only thing that got me through finishing my book was alternating–15 minutes of watching Army Wives, then write a page, then 15 minutes with the DVD, then a page… I’m a slow writer anyway, so it took a while, but at least I made SOME progress! But it’s tough. Then again, sometimes your best work “oozes out” at the very last minute! Good luck with your story! And hey, you had to do laundry, anyway, to get ready for your trip, right?! 🙂

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