Welcome to the 12th….

Ever have one of those days where you had the date wrong for a whole 24 hours?  You’ve got it in your head that you have an extra day to get all those little things done that you had on your agenda to complete by the 14th.  You find yourself wrapping up a miserable word count day [not that I normally have a word count day since I wrote the novel ((that’s still in my “to be” folder))] with a little man splitting open your skull from the inside with a jack-hammer.  To wind down, you wander over to read some updated blogs.  And you wonder…hey…why does that entry say the 13th?  Thank you, Mike, for unknowingly letting me know that I ended up stuck in a time warp today.  And by the way…listen to your muse.  She’s right, you know.  But if she calls you again, could you tell her to kick mine off the bar stool….he’s got some work to do.  But as for you, elusive 13th, you’re dead to me.  Or at least invisible.  And I had nothing to do with your disappearance.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the 12th….

  1. I am exploring this aspect of this thing called “writing.” Where can I get a bar stool and said drink?

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