Abandoned? What do you mean abandoned?

I received an email yesterday telling me that an anthology I’d sent my last waiting story to has been abandoned.  Thankfully, it was before they told me one way or another if the story had made it into the book.  Now it goes back into the folder with my other stories that have been set aside to find other perfect homes.  Anybody want a disturbing clown or a mortician or how about some wicked carnies?  No?  I didn’t think so.  Oh well.  I did send out a flash story for a contest recently.  After reading the other entries to vote, I think I’d like to withdraw mine.  But I won’t.  It was interesting to read the others.  To me, there was a definite winner, but since it’s a closed contest of sorts, I won’t say anything else.  Mum’s the word.  I do like Chrysanthemums though. In fact….would you believe they’re my favorite?


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