Kind Words

A few of the anthologies in which I’ve had stories published have had some decent reviews.  What boggles my mind is that reviews of my stories in particular had been toothy grin worthy.  What follows are some of the kind words that have made my past few months a bit less harrowing.

Excerpts from Wake Up Dead reviews

“SUGAR SKULLS by Rebecca Snow begins with a young man visiting his undead grandmother at the graveyard where zombies are kept locked up. While he is there, he has a one-sided conversation that shows Snow’s interesting take on paying respects to the deceased, and pondering the afterlife of the undead.” – Ursula K. Raphael, contributing writer at & author of The Survivor

Excerpts from Ten Silver Bullets reviews

“We have Rebecca’s Snow’s Comptime, which was my favorite of the pack. It is deliciously wicked and as jaded a reader that I am, I found it fresh and did not see the surprise that was waiting for me at the stories end.” – Douglas Vance Castagna

“COMPTIME – Rebecca Snow : Introducing a supernatural element to an office always makes for fun genre fiction fare. This theme is not as common as the inner city chase/fight scene, and Ms. Snow is a favourite of mine, so I did get a kick out of this.” – Chantal Boudreau

Excerpts from Live and Let Undead reviews

“A MILE IN HIS SHOES by Rebecca Snow (author of Sugar Skulls in Wake Up Dead) was a great crime/mystery zombie tale about a soldier accused of killing his family. It was far too brief — I would love to see this story turned into a full-length novel.” – Ursula K. Raphael, contributing writer at & author of The Survivor

“Overall I think my favorite story was “A Mile in His Shoes” by Rebecca Snow about a man on death row revolving around a conspiracy theory. In fact I liked it so much I think it would make a nice opening prologue to a formal novel.” – zombiemutts

(the following is an excerpt from the comments section that followed the review)

“Angelina – Can you tell us a bit more about “A Mile in His Shoes?””

“zombiemutts – No…and I struggled with that. It’s very short and it’s hard to talk about without ruining it. I was sure I had the plot figured out midway through and was blind sided by something far better than my guess. I hate to be so vague but I think she’s got something interesting that could be turned into a nice novella (100 or so pages.)”

So to all those who have taken the time to read the anthologies and review what they’ve read, thank you.


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