Little tidbits…

Nothing much to report, but I thought I’d throw in an update for grins.  Just because I need grins.

Last week brought the best rejection ever. A bit of a disappointment, but it didn’t sting as much as the last band-aid I tore off a scab.  “Thank you for sending me (your story). Unfortunately, we won’t be publishing your work. I truly enjoyed your story, which made it to the final rounds of consideration. I would love for you to submit to any of my future anthologies/projects. Thanks again.”  I was pleased to have made it to the final rounds.  Really.  I’d much rather have it gone that far than just get a form rejection telling me to send a grocery list next time, it would be more entertaining. Come to think of it, some of my grocery lists are kind of fun.

Last Thursday presented a post office box stuffed full to bursting with 3 contributor’s copies (Live and Let Undead, Ten Silver Bullets, and Women of the Living Dead). I can’t wait to read all the stories. How the postal workers fit 3 books and 4 catalogs inside a tiny metal box, I have yet to figure.  But I’d love their secret the next time I reorganize a closet.

And this morning, I woke to a nice email with a double acceptance.  More drabbles dribbled into publication. “I would like to welcome you to the (book) with both of your pieces. Both of them were great reads.”

And lapsing into weather, snow is in the forecast….and I don’t mean me.  Also, the banner at the top was snowing well before the forecast.  Really, I promise.


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