Wary with a smile

I haven’t had much to post as of late, but I figured I’d better write something or I’d start to dissolve. 

Saturday, a nice acceptance email appeared in my inbox.  “(your story is) accepted…as if there was any doubt. well done, it was what I’ve come to expect from you.”  And this morning, I found out I’ve been short listed (at least I think that’s what the email meant).  Granted, it may mean I just haven’t been rejected yet, but that’s still tentatively good news. 

And thanks to Goodreads, I’m going to attempt to recreate my incredible disappearing posts.  It seems that blurbs of the mysterious missing ones have been saved in some fashion, so if you happen to notice posts that seem familiar popping up on the page…it’s because I’m trying to recreate my lost days.  I didn’t forget what happened, I just forgot what order and exactly when.  So….here I go.


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