Wasting some time…

As the old year wanes and the leaves of a new one begin to bud on the branches, I’ve been wasting a few days wandering through the past three hundred and sixty some days while recuperating from one of the worst Christmas gifts ever.  Thank you, Santa, for the wonderful head cold.  Really, you shouldn’t have.  I mean it.  But I’ll have you know, I’ve been staying in as a means of not regifting the horrible thing.  And in so doing, I have not actually done the Christmas thing.  I did make some deliveries on the 23rd and my annual midnight delivery on the 24th, but no Christmas dinner or ripping of the ribbons with my parents and the blind, tailless, toothless cat.  And no.  I am NOT kidding about the latter.  But as I’ve had some time to sit back and wallow in mind-numbing Christmas episodes of random sitcoms on Hulu…er…I mean contemplate the past year…I’ve decided I need to take a few extra days to just sit back next year and watch the sky pass my window.  One day, I may not be able to see it or the people who need to be appreciated.

As years go, it’s been an interesting one.  I’ve had more stories published than I thought would ever see the light of day.  I’ve made some very good friends I have yet to meet…one of which I owe bits of my remaining sanity.  I’ve spent more time visiting hospitals than I ever wanted to, but as with many things, it was necessary and taught me more than a few lessons…not to mention hospital research is better done while wandering quiet halls at midnight than looking things up online.  I’ve lost a few special people, and I miss them horribly.  I’ve reconnected with a few others that it seems I never lost.

And so, in this random blobby bunch of words, I leave you with this.  Take a bit of time to appreciate the people you love and care about.  Spend some time with them…even if it’s just an email or a phone call or an “old-fashioned” letter.  Send them updates on how you are and ask them how they’re doing.  And by all means, make sure they know they’re important to you.  Because one day, and you never know which one it’s going to be, one of you will not be around to tell….and that includes hugging your pets.  On that note, I’m going cat stalking.  They’ll never know what hit them, but if you’ve ever seen Elmyra on Tiny Toons, you’ll know what did.  Hugs to every last one of you!


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