It’s Been a Good Week

 Really.  Read the title.  But I know there are many friends and acquaintances and random strangers who will disagree with the above statement, so I will rephrase it.  I’ve had a good week.

Four stories accepted for publication as of this afternoon.  One I found out after submitting it had unknowingly missed the deadline.  I had gone so far as to move the file back into my “to be submitted” folder.  Another had been out for months without a word, so it was great hearing that the story had a home instead of coming home dragging its tail. 

I also found out that 2 of the 3 stories that I had abandoned “to my to be resubmitted” folder will be publsihed after all.  It’s still a bit on the bittersweet side as the one that didn’t come back was my favorite and had been chosen to lead the anthology.  Oh well, I’ll have to find it an even better home.  But Hooray for the others!

(As for what else happened that week, I’m not sure…the blurb ended there.)


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