Autumn : Purification

Having read David Moody’s original book Autumn online for free a bunch of years back and gotten The City a few months back with a Border’s coupon, I knew I had to pre-order Purification when it popped up as a suggestion for me on Amazon back in March. Mr. Moody’s portrayal of survivors among a billion dead makes for an astounding read. There are always those people you want to shake, or hug, or just leave alone. While reading the books, I couldn’t find a single character I could shrug off and not care whether they lived or died. Of course, there were some I just hoped would die, but I wasn’t apathetic about it.

His descriptions of the rancid population made reading the book by lantern light during a hurricane even more fun. I had to close the curtains to makes sure the wandering dead couldn’t see the light flickering in the window. No, I’m not kidding. It was creepy.


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