Watching the Wind

 Yes, there’s weather coming.  Everyday, there’s weather coming.  Just today, it’s supposed to be wind and rain and more wind and rain.  Irene, as of this moment, is nothing like what she was predicted to be.  But, as I just said, it’s weather.  And as long as it doesn’t bring any Joe McKinney novels to life, I think I’ll be OK with it.  Hmmm….maybe if it did, I’d be all right with that too.  However, I don’t have a boat. 

And for those of you who haven’t had the privilege of reading any Joe McKinney zombie novels…at least if you’re a zombie fan…go get one and read it.  I’ve just finished Flesh Eaters.  And if you have the added chance of reading one of the books while the weather is windy, the noises take the experience to another level entirely.  The characters seem like people I know.  Thankfully, the experiences aren’t like anything I’ve lived through, but they’re described in such a way, sometimes I feel as though I’ve been there.  So thanks, Joe, for scaring the willies out of me (with a little help from the weather…but not much.)


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