Conscious Effort

It’s funny when you read about acceptances to anthologies you intended to submit something to but never got around to it, couldn’t come up with an idea you were happy enough with to flesh out, or just threw up your hands and screeched because life was coming at you at twelve thousand miles an hour.  It happened today.  I’ve been in anthologies with many of the authors that made it in.  I’m happy for them all, of course, but a small part of me wants to say, “it’s not that I wasn’t invited to the party, I just decided not to go,” even though no explanation is necessary.  And really, an explanation like that makes it sound as though I sent in four submissions and all of them got turned down…like the kid kicking the dirt and saying, “I didn’t want to go anyway.”  But since this is where I can write about what I want…I honestly couldn’t come up with a premise I cared enough about to write that many words.  Oh….and life got in the way.  So now, I focus on the next batch of deadlines.


5 thoughts on “Conscious Effort

  1. It happens, no worries. No one thinks anything other than life got on the way or you are working on a book or secret anthology submission. Sometimes you just miss the call entirely. I am just floored we share so many TOC’s, lol
    People are going to start suspecting something is up.

  2. I know exactly what you mean – I have limited time because of my family and day job, so I have to pick and choose what I write, and I don’t always have an idea that will jive with a particular anthology – for example, I never submitted to Four in the Hole. I’ll be feeling it when the ToC comes out.

  3. I would not sweat 4 in the hole, for the word count they wanted..75 dollars was way not enough for that kind of work. That length of story at semi pro rate would be at least 200 bucks..if you write something that long, get what you deserve 😉

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