I surprised myself and made today’s deadlines with more than an hour to spare.   Okay, I had about 6 hours to spare.  But I did miss the auction I was hoping to win.  I need a new netbook.  Seeing as I have a tendency to inadvertently drop things, the one I’ve had for 2 years has spastic fits.  So far, they’re nothing a good beating doesn’t fix.   There will come a day that the poor little machine sticks out its processor and tosses me a raspberry before throwing a spark into a stack of papers causing a 3 alarm blaze and giving up the ghost for good. 

I’ve been getting emails all weekend requesting bioblurbs for the stories that have been accepted.  I try to throw something in that links my life to the story, but sometimes, I just toss a few sentences down and send it on.  It isn’t the most intriguing thing you’ll ever read, but it tells you how to get here.  At least the newer ones do.

My novel has been screaming for an edit.   The one impeding factor is that I’m not sure which computer has the latest edition.  I’m afraid to go searching because of what I might not find.  But that whole fear leads to suffering thing makes me think I’d better look for it or else a little green puppet will poke me with a stick.


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