This is NOT writer’s block

I promise.  People think I’m strange when I tell them I don’t get writer’s block (knock on wood).  My brain usually spits something out, and I run with it.  Doesn’t matter where, I just run…and usually with scissors.  Just ask my mom.  Anyway, I have’t written a word for about a week.  Ok, that’s a lie.  I’ve written emails and chat messages, but fiction, no.  It’s not that I can’t.  It’s that I won’t.  Life throws us all curve balls on occasion, and it’s thrown me a few I need to deal with.  And when I’m dealing with them…or at least sliders like these, it affects my writing in a negative way.  Characters sneak in that have no business being brought to life, and they muck up any semblance of story that was begging to be told.  So, I am protesting their very existence with a self-inflicted cease and desist order.  I promise I’ll write soon, but I have some sorting out to do.  Now, if someone has one of those old labelers that shoots out curly plastic words, I’ll be on my way.


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