News and Other Weirdness

Let’s see.  Where to start?  After my last post, I received an email informing me that my story for the Richmond Macabre anthology had been accepted.  I’m really excited about this one as all the stories are based in Richmond as is the publishing house.  And if it’s a possibility, I could help with publicity stunts…er…publicity.  Even if it’s just to see how that aspect of the whole shebang works.  (Just found out that the release date for the anthology is my friend Tom’s birthday. 10-1.  Happy pre-Birthday, Tom!)

On Saturday, another email arrived telling me that the story I’d submitted for Code Z had been accepted.  Those were the 2 stories that had been out the longest.

If you’re thinking, “Doesn’t she ever get a rejection?”  I received an email this morning.  It was a form rejection apologizing for being a form rejection.  Of course, on the heels of that, I found something floundering in my junk mail that has me confused.  From the way it was written, it sounds as though they’re just getting around to letting me know that they’ve received the story and that they’ll be reviewing it soon.  But in the meantime, I should write a short bio to go after the story.  Why would I bother until I know it’s been accepted?  So, I’m still in limbo, only now, I’m confused in limbo.

Last but not least, I finally got in touch with Aaron Garrison, my anthology “husband” from a few months back. (see “They’ve made me a bigamist!” for more info) I wanted to thank him for the absolutely amazing job he did on the introduction to my story.  After rereading the introduction I did for his story, I felt as though I should go back and redo it to make it even a tenth as good as what he wrote for mine.   I received some nice words in reply.  He wrote, “I have to say, it was easy to write the intro because it was an excellent story. I like writing short stories but don’t like reading them, since they are all too often light on substance, but “Pieces” was an exception and a joy to read.”  I also found out we share space in two other anthologies.  It’s always nice to see a familiar name.


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