I forgot what I was going to write…

I had this mega-fantastic, super-terrific entry I was going to write the other day.  However, the other day passed, and I’m sitting here staring at the blinking black line thinking…huh?  So I’ll think back over the past week and pick at the scab until an entry bleeds through.  How’s THAT for imagery?  Hee hee. 

When we last saw our heroine…I’ll admit, heroine is a pretty strong word, but aren’t we all supposed to be the hero or heroine of our own life stories?…she was squeeing over some rather nice reviews she’d found floating around the Matrix.  Until…dun dun duuuuuun…she ran across a Facebook post mentioning one of the anthologies she had planned to submit to was almost full.  She was pressing toward a Thursday deadline…adding an unknown, soon-to-be-full deadline into the mix taxed her resources.  Having to pass a lunch date with long lost friends…ok, not long lost but long since seen last…she plowed through and made both deadlines.  Once they were submitted, she went berry picking.  Yes…berry picking.  And came home to find an email pacing her inbox.  “You have won a million dollars if you return the winning…” Wait.  That’s not the one.  “Your story was accepted.  The anthology is closed.  By the way…how about another name?”  So….she sat and thought, and she thought some more.  The title she’d chosen had been perfect for the story she thought she’d write, however, her characters had other plans.  They made her title more of an afterthought of a theme.  The suggested title told too much of the plot.  So, she grabbed some friends and poked around the interwebs and was presented with the prefect title by Sir Michael Cummings of Glockenspiel.  He will be given a castle and a horse.  Thank you for your continued patronage and keep those dirt clods flying.  

In other news, wouldn’t you think “Each author will be notified of their entry status via email or telephone no later than July 15, 2011” would mean that each author would have been notified by 3 days ago?  Guess again…   That’s ok.  If I haven’t been cut yet, there’s still a chance for a yes.


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