A Few New Reviews…

If a tune pops into your head as your read the post title, I’ll save you from wondering why.  Also, I will admit to watching this show before the bus would come drag me off to school.  Or maybe I’m alone in having been a victim of “The New Zoo Review” and all their puppety people.  Randomness aside, I have the theme song running through my head now. 

Here’s a short review from Chantel Boudreau of my story in “Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys.”  “Candy Apple Red – by Rebecca Snow – An eerily fun story. It taps into some potent childhood fears and you are almost rooting for the bad guy here.”  And to be honest, I was rooting for him as well.   Another Review of sorts came in the form of an anonymous friend’s comment on Facebook.  “Just read your story. Must admit it disturbed me, which means it’s really good writing to do that and let’s all be honest; I think we’ve wished that on bad people we’ve met or heard about in our lives.”  Yay!  I’m disturbing!

The other review came from a writer friend who has done me the honor of reading through some of my scribbles before they’re throw to the wolves…er…editors.  No offense dear editorista types.  Without you, nothing would get published.  Hmmmm….editorista sounds like someone keeps rewriting his vacation.  So, Mike Cummings added this tidbit to the last story I sent him to critique.  “Your writing is definitely getting smoother. You’ve a knack for plucking the heart of a story out of the mess and tossing just that into our field of vision.”  How cool is that?  Thank you dear reviewers and friends.  Your praise and kind words keep me writing…OK, I’d write anyway, but they give me the most incentive to keep growing.


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