Uncanny Valley : Tales from a Lost Town

The Uncanny Valley by Gregory Miller is a slight volume compared to some of the monsters on bookshelves today. But where it’s small in page numbers, it’s long in character, setting, and story. Each of the 33 tales is a story in itself. Each has a voice of its own. The premise behind the book is a radio station has devised a contest asking for stories to preserve small town culture. The 33 related events compiled in the book come from a single community. I don’t want to give too much away because I highly recommend you read the book yourself. Humor and horror are sprinkled with humanity. The tales are written in such a way that you’ll swear you know the people in them, either as friends of someone down the block in your neighborhood. And at the end of the book, you’ll realize you’d better go hug a kid who seems lonely. Or maybe you should just leave town. Who knows? It’s a great illustration that life goes on around you even when you’re not paying any attention.  If I had to choose a favorite…yeah, good luck with one…I liked The White Doves, Miss Jennings’ Family, and Buddy.


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