Gruesomely Grimm Zombie Tales

Creepily delicious.  Gruesomely Grimm Zombie Tales by TW Brown is a twisted take on the original Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm.  The twenty-five stories are a varied lot with one thing in common, the walking dead.  They’re standing between children and their way home, they’re wandering in the woods, they’re eating everyone that gets in their way.  Except for the ones that help.  The stories were a far cry from the uptight originals.  Reading them was like hanging out with a bachelor uncle of whom your parents don’t completely approve.  It was as if the campfire coals were low, and the wild accounts flowed like the cheap wine from passed paper sack.  The stories have a humorous irreverence even as most of them still convey the moral of the original tales.  Most of the stories had their merits, but if I had to pick favorites, here are four: The Boy Who Left Home in Search of the Creeps, The Zombie Whisperer, Rennard the Courageous, and Cindy Rallie.


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