It’s been a good week

At least in some lights.  On one hand, I’ve had 2 stories accepted for publication.  One I mentioned in the previous entry.  The other came today.  My story “Postage Due” was accepted pending contract received by Living Dead Press’s “Living Dead Tales.”  It’s the second anthology I’ve had the honor of being accepted for where the cover art has inspired the story.  The first was Pill Hill’s “Rotting Tales.”

On the other hand, I’ve got a bum wrist.  The same one I’ve had the opportunity to watch deteriorate as the doctors scratch their heads and shrug.  The MRI, while inconclusive, gave me enough information to begin my search for another orthopedist.  I should be in a shoulder cast and immobilized to prevent more damage (at least according to the all-knowing (ha) Internet).  Instead, I am typing while wearing an ace bandage.  When I asked the doctor about whether to stretch, exercise, massage , or immobilize, he said, “All of those.”  I personally don’t think that’s possible.  And another reason not to look up maladies online, half the words were un-googleable.  And the other half suggested I’d have 20% mobility when all was said and done.  Makes me want to punch something, but I’d probably mess up the fingers too.  So tomorrow, off to the rhuematologist to see how much blood I can spare for testing.  Don’t worry, I’ll save a little for the sparkly vampires.

One last thing, the cover art to the Zombie Kong anthology was previewed this week.  Daniele Serra did an awesome job.  I’d post it here, but I can’t get the photo link to work.  Soooo, just click on Zombie Kong.


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