Finally Connected

After a more than a year without an Internet connection, the house finally has one.  That one fact will make it easier for me to submit stories and post journal updates and pictures and all the things people do without thinking these days.  On the other hand, it will make me waste more time posting journal updates and pictures, etc.  giving me more time wasters than I need.  I’ll have to be more resilient in my avoidance tactics.  Just make the poor girl write.  Strap her into the chair and unplug the wireless.  Yeah.  Like that would do any good.  Well, here’s to being connected.

In other news, Hell Hath No Fury was published on and in Kindle form on Amazon.  Isn’t in a printed version yet, but should be soon.  I’ve see the drawing that May December Publications did of me as a zombie.  Overall, it’s good.  My hands look rather large though.  Do zombie hands grow, or did my hands look huge in the picture I sent?  The introduction that Aaron Garrison did for the story is great.  I was quite pleased with it.  However, I have no address (email or otherwise) to thank him for his wonderful blurb.  Perhaps I’ll pester the editor.


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