Even when you know it’s coming…

No rejection is easy.  Even if you know it’s coming.  I was hoping it would come sooner since I had written a second offering.  However, the deadline has passed, so I have a story without a place to submit.  One thing though, I knew it would be rejected, so it wasn’t a surprise. 

I was thinking the other day…NO!!!!  Really, I was.  I was thinking about zombies.  Of course, you say?  But I was thinking about why I like zombies.  I like them because even when you add the human element, they can’t be corrupted.  They can’t be bought.  Sure, they are single minded and don’t share.  But human beings can’t make them into anything but what they are…hungry for your brains.  I do realize that there are humans who would corral the zombies to use them as “security” or “punishment.”  However, the zombies are still just hungry for brains, and there’s no guarantee that they can be kept from turning on those that have captured them.  But that’s why I like zombies.  At least that’s one of the reasons.


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