While I am not new to the arena of writing down my life on a near-daily basis, I am new to the idea of writing down my thoughts for public consumption.  I’ve been keeping a diary of sorts on and off since I was 8 years old.  Sadly, the oldest volumes have been misplaced.  I don’t think I burnt them, but one never knows.  There have been points where the journals have been mandated by an English class or by my college Creativity class (honest, it was a real class…I have pictures to prove it.)  Some years, the journal entries have been more in depth than others.  I mean, who really wanted to know what I ate at lunch in 1988?  Probably something involving tater tots would be the best guess.  Anyway, this new endeavor has got me spinning trying to figure out what to write for eyes other than my own or the person making sure I did an assignment.  I rarely think I have much to say to anyone other than myself, so the information shared may be sparse.  Hopefully, I can make it interesting enough to make you come back to see what the heck is wrong with me I’m up to lately.  For the moment, I just got back from a short break.  I thought I’d write more, but I read and played on the net instead.  Back to the real world and my next story.

On another note, I submitted a story a while back and hadn’t heard anything for months.  I ran across a forum post that the stories had been forwarded to the new editor.  I still haven’t heard anything, but I just sent an email to inquire.  I’m guessing the story never made it to where it was supposed to go.  Guess we’ll see soon.


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