I’ve been working on a 150 word introduction for my anthology “husband’s” story for two days.  Yeah, you’d think it wouldn’t take all that long to write 150 words.  It doesn’t, but to get them to say what you  want…exactly what you want and not some half-assed pile of trash…takes a bit of fiddling.  I was never all that good at interpreting another person’s ideas in a story, but I learned to make everything I read mean something to me.  Kind of like Shrek as an onion.  Peel back the layers and I see all sorts of weird visions through my own eyes.  Whether that’s what they mean or not, it’s what they mean to me.  So when I finish this introduction, I’ll squint a little and maybe it’ll look right.  But right now, what I’ve written makes it look like I’m saying it was a sacrifice to read the story.  It wasn’t a bad story.  But in a way, I sacrificed some time to read the story.  But it wasn’t punishmental sacrifice.  Gah!  I’m talking myself in cirlces again.  And in conclusion….I’d like to say…It was a good story.  But that’s a conclusion…not an introduction.


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