First Time Dead Volume 2

A great collection of zombie fiction. If you’re into hordes of walking corpses, this anthology is for you. No two stories are alike.

“In This House I Dwell” by Ron Harris made me miss normal zombies. Great twist to the genre.

D.A. Chaney’s “Zombie Bites” read as though I were watching it happen. I could see a sequel or just a great cliffhanger.

“Ooky” by Mathew Davis was one of the most memorable. The title fits the story perfectly. Euw.

Joe Belvins’s “Once More Without Feeling” had a great fifties feel. I climbed right in and pulled up a chair.

“Snow Days” by Donny Chavez had a great setting and characters.

Amanda Larson’s “The Last Legacy” is exactly where I’d want to be during an apocalypse.

“The Mission” by Eric Pollarine started on adrenaline and kept it up the whole way through.

Jason Thacker’s “The Hungriest Zombie”…all I can say is I loved Ed.

“What the Cat Dragged In” by Gregory A. Carter will make me think twice about petting stray cats.


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